About GNAP

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15 - 20 artists from around the world participate in a Global Nomadic Art Project (GNAP). They work together in outdoor nature art workshops, create indoor nature art exhibitions and publish documentaries of their work.

Expect ideas that are inspired by the different natural environments. The group stays in each country for 2 - 3 weeks and works outdoors in the various natural environments. During the Nature Art workshops, the artists of each country show their individual artistic approach to nature.

The artists would like to leave traces of dialogue with nature throughout the world through the creation of small, elusive works of art. They will listen through their work and communicate with nature. All activities created in nature are documented in photos and videos and then exhibited in a gallery or museum in each country, and finally these works are published as a catalog and documentary film.

The Global Nomadic Art Project GNAP started 2014 with the meeting of twenty international Nature Art Curators at the Korean Yatoo Artists Association.

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